ALAN (Dawa Dolma) makes comeback with “Morning Mist”

Introducing you to singer, Alan Dawa Dolma, who is also known as just Alan. She has just released her music video “Morning Mist” early this month, September 7,2021.

The release is known to be followed up with a mini album but more information in relation to the album has yet to be announced.

Originally Alan debuted with her song “Ashita e no Sanka” in 2008 under the label Avex Trax.

With Kazuhito Kikuchi * as her producer, she has released a good amount of songs but later decided to focus on her activities in China.

*Kazuhito Kikuchi, is a composer who has created some major songs in Japan (e.g Ayumi Hamasaki, Koda Kumi, Every Little Thing).

To give you my personal opinion, Alan is one of my favorite artists to keep an eye on. She has a very distinctive singing style. The very high and pitchy singing technique you can hear in her songs, is called “the tibetan wail”. I have to add, that even among other singers who use this singing technique I have not heard anyone singing it in the way Alan does. It is more common to hear this kind of technique in traditional songs, but I love the idea of mixing that into pop songs.

Furthermore I’ve been familiar with her work since she debuted and from my perspective it clearly seems that she didn’t have it easy after her transition into the Chinese market. There was a phase where I couldn’t find much news about her. In the last few years, she started to perform more and more without releasing much new music. This year, I have seen her most active after leaving Japan and I’m happy to hear that she’s coming back with a new Album.

Keeping my fingers crossed for the Album to go well. I really hope Alan can finally find the recognition that she deserves.

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