Should I start learning Korean (on my own)?

The question is why should you not?

If it’s a confidence issue, then there is more so of a reason to start!

Here’s why should start learning Korean :

Everything seems difficult in the beginning, until you familiarize yourself with it.

Just in case after starting, if you realize that you don’t like it, you can still decide to stop. However at least you have given yourself the chance to enrich your life with something.

If you stop yourself every time by wondering “whether you should or you should not do something” you could end up with no hobbies and not knowing what you want in life.

This reminds me of Gary Vee saying that you have to do some tasting to figure out what you want.  

The beginning is the easiest :

Start with babysteps! I find the beginning was acutally the easiest. Why?

Because there is everything to learn for you right now. You could almost start anywhere, which is different for me at the time, later on many people hit a learning plateau. But when you are just starting out, the learning structure often and usually looks like this :

  • Greetings
  • Introductions
  • Ordering food
  • Getting into a taxi
  • Sharing hobbies
  • Meeting people or friends
  • Shopping
  • etc.

If you can remember, “anyeonghaseyo” (Hello) and “kamsahamnida” (Thank you), then you can do some more too. You just repeat this skill (memorization) learning two or three more sentences day by day and over time that add’s up. Sooner or later you will gain the ability to hold longer and longer conversations.

You ask? But can I learn Korean on my own?

Now if you ask, if it’s possible to learn Korean on your own! No doubt, it’s all up to you! You are lucky to be an era where there are many public people that have done so. Including me, without actually ever going to Korea.

In fact even as for the English language. The only time I went to an English speaking country for two or three weeks. Fluent, I became by using it… mostly online writing blogs, writing songs, writing with people reading and listening.

I probably had my phases where I occasionally didn’t try or learn much but then I also had phases where I could not stop absorbing information. It doesn’t go smooth always but in the end all that matters is that I didn’t tell myself “ok now I officially stop” because I was not moving forward or so.

So to say, I did it twice…

If you want to know more…

As someone who has started learning Korean around 2010, I’m writing a whole series on it. Also check out my post on how you can stay motivated throughout your journey, if you wanna know more.

This could be your first learning book…

If you are just starting out, I recommend “Teach Yourself Korean: A Complete Course” written by the authors Mark Vincent and Jaehon Yoon. Especially if you don’t want to start with Hangul. Even if others say otherwise, you are allowed to start learning some basic vocabularies and sentences first. This “could” make it more enjoyable for you to learn Hangul afterwards.

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